Amazed at what they can do....
Birds, what can I say! Well, from being very young I have loved them, amazed at what they can do. To fly ,that is the wonderful bit, to fly for thousands of miles, to stay aloft for endless hours, to steer clear of man and other predators whilst on their what seems an endless epic journey of migration. To struggle mightily through sometimes atrocious weather conditions, which I am sure they will have to go through in their endeavour to arrive safely at their destination, to the same point on earth every year. Amazing! How on earth do they do that? How on earth do they navigate all that way and then do it all again in reverse? And under their own steam so to speak. What keeps them in the sky for all that time? Skin and bone, a bit of muscle and blood, a few feathers and a whole lot of will power. On average they weigh only 2 lbs and that’s the  larger ones.

I will never cease to be amazed by those wonderful creatures.

Birds of Prey


All have adapted for Hunting...


These incredible predators excite our admiration and wonder to the full, the breathtaking moves of these beautiful creatures In their natural habitats, birds that will hunt over deserts and forests woods and fields, on moors and in mountains, over water and by day and night we can all truly appreciate their hunting and breeding methods, nesting and diets can also be observed.

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