'Through the Garden Gate'

Geoff has loved wildlife and their habitats from being a young boy. It all started when he passed through the gate at the bottom of the garden and in to a whole new world. For miles and miles there was open countryside, farther than the eye can see; fields, farms, crops, country tracks, hedgerows, trees, rivers, lakes, ponds, canals and all the wildlife on to and within,... get the picture? All the fun he had with it, he couldn't live without - that's where his love of wildlife began. He likes to think the very same love of wildlife and nature shines through in his paintings.

Sometimes he likes to put his fertile imagination of the natural world to good use. This is best seen in the painting entitled 'Imagine'. A fair degree of photographic memory is put to work in the painting of a stag in a scene featuring a Scottish Moorland.

Geoff:  "Africa - I have never been able to get to Africa, to be in the wild with these beautiful animals for obvious reasons, but thankfully I have my friend, David Attenborough (although I don't know him personally) he has brought to us all surely every living creature on Earth over the years via the BBC.

       - I thank you David!


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