Pet Portraits

The Perfect Gift
They say that nothing quite completes a happy family than man’s best friend.
In Geoff’s paintings he aims to capture the real personality and charm of your family pet.
Pet Portraits are becoming more and more popular in the UK, as we increasingly recognise the value of having a loving pet in our homes.

Commissioning a Painting
 By commissioning a painting you are then immortalising and celebrating your love for your pet. Once you have had a traditional painting/drawing produced of your pet, you now hold an original and unique piece of artwork.

Details and Prices

All prices depend on content and size. Paintings are obviously more expensive than drawings.
The prices shown are a guide for head and shoulders only.           
Maybe you would like a complete rendition of your pet in all his/her glory, or even more than one subject, or a scenic background, the prices may vary slightly depending on the type of painting/drawing you require.             
A 20% deposit (non refundable) is required, before I start, and once your requirements have been discussed and that an image has been decided upon, then I will begin. On completion of your portrait the balance can be
made once you have seen a photograph of the finished drawing/painting and are completely happy with it.  On receiving the balance in full I will then forward the finished work to you.

Please try to send me a quality clear high resolution photograph, preferably more than 1 photograph would be better, if you can, so that I can see the detail in the subjects features, in order for me to achieve the best results.

I work on a commission basis. I can give you an idea on the completion date for your drawing/painting when you contact me . It could be as little as 4 weeks, or 4 months depending on what’s on the drawing board
at the time, so it’s best to order early, if you would like to give the drawing/painting as a present.
I have been an artist for many years now, and I have never had an unhappy customer, so therefore I will endeavour when creating your pet's portrait to make it exactly like the subject. I am confident that you will be delighted with your pet's portrait be it drawing or painting.


Pet Portraits Prices                                                                                                                             
Drawing                                 Painting             
                                                                                                                                                                                                        8x10                  £120             8x10               £195
10x12                £150            10x12              £245
12x16                £190            12x16              £345
16x20                £220            16x20              £495
20x24                £260            20x24              £690
20x36                £295            24x36             £1,195

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Geoff Booth

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